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The Hollow Below Intro

Content Warnings for All Episodes: Violence, References to Violence Against Women, Self Harm, Mental Illness, and other Dark Themes. This section will be updated with anything I missed.

Hi. The next piece of audio in your feed here should be the first episode of The Hollow Below. It’s a different sort of thing coming from me and I’ve been working on it off and on for a few years now. Given the pandemic and the free time on my hands, it felt like a good time to finally get it done. We’ve got some amazing voice actors taking part in later episodes. I’ve posted the episodes here in the Kakos Industries feed because, perhaps selfishly, I wanted all of you to hear it. I really hope you enjoy this tale of fear and pain. The project has been really important to me, and for that reason so difficult to finish.

    I want to give you the content warnings here at the beginning for the whole series before you get too invested. If you feel like content warnings spoil anything for you, then feel free to skip the rest of this introduction. I’ll give you a moment now to take the necessary action.

     Some episodes will contain discussion of violence, self-harm, some nonspecific references to violence against women, drug abuse, and some less charitable characterizations of mental health, primarily of the main character. There are many dark themes beyond that. I like to believe that I have handled these topics with care and delicacy, but even I am not infallible, and this is definitely outside of the usual Kakos Industries tone. 

    As always, thank you for listening. 

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