Hello, shareholders.

We at Kakos Industries could use your help in a few specific ways.

If you are a marketer and you can help us spread the word with what we do here at Kakos Industries, we are very interested in hearing from you. We need help with press releases, social media, and expanding the fan base. Hit us up.

If you are interested in writing up captions for our YouTube videos, we would be very thankful. We might be able to send you a sticker or some other reward as well. Hit us up.

If you want to contribute something to the show, we are interested in hearing your ideas, but there are certain kinds of ideas we want to hear more. The best kind of pitch is one that includes a plan to complete the segment on your own. We can provide the musical accompaniment, but having a completed voice track is way easier for us. This is a great opportunity if you’re a new audio drama looking for a launching point. We are happy to credit you how you wish. Hit us up.