The Cast

Corin Deeth III, Junior, and Most Uncredited Voices – Conrad Miszuk

The Introductions, The Woman, and Past Melantha – Kim Aiello

The Credits and Hailey Solomonari – Hanna Jones

Dirk Cornelius Sexplosion, Dennis Leelio, and Silkie Wilson – Anwar Newton (Follow him on Twitter)

Melantha Murther – Rebecca Ryan

Helena Concutio – Lindsey Forry

Angus Lachlan and Corin in episode 13 – Adam Miszuk

Rasputlenin – Fareed Bailey

Darryl Welk – Philip Haldiman (from The Room) (Follow him on Twitter)

Hank Rumpus Mike Rugnetta of PBS Idea Channel and Reasonably Sound (Follow him on Twitter)

Richard Wood – David Portillo

Denny’s Technicians – Sean and Mike Hennesy (Listen to their podcast)

King Leopold of Evilon – Andrew Bueker