Never Rad Live Stream February 19th, 2021

neverrad.com/twitch February 19th, 20201 at 7PM MST.

To your Miscellaneous Highness, we humbly wish to inform your grace of an upcoming event most extraordinary. On February 19th, the year of our space lord 2021, at seven post meridian Mountain Standard Time, The Never Rad Miscellany will be performing once again at neverrad.com/twitch. The theme for the performance is Iron Tyrant, a reality show that pairs upcoming despots with weak-willed planets. Your presence is humbly requested and would grace us all. Forever your servant, The Miscellany.

(clears throat)

Sorry I had something stuck in my throat, so the Never Rad Miscellany is coming up on February 19th on neverrad.com/twitch with all kinds of great new content for you, so stay tuned, check it out, and thank you for listening. Have a wonderful day!

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