Kickstarter Mini 1

We’ve added a stretch goal to our campaign! Pledge $35+ to get an Evilie (not a goodie) bag! Visit KakosIndustries.com/Kickstarter to pledge today!


Corin: Shareholders, it seems that you managed to raise the trivial goal of $25 and you have saved us from imminent disaster. Unfortunately, the rest of the executive board has been emboldened by your help and they’ve gone on another spending rampage and have been behaving just as childish as before when it comes to paying for their mistakes. I’ll let our scapegoat tell you more.
Conrad: Hello, Kakos Industries shareholders. My name is Conrad Miszuk and I am either an official scapegoat of Kakos Industries or the creator of it, depending on what you want to believe. I… have a handful of egyptian pyramid in… well, it’s in my hands. I didn’t know you were even allowed to touch the pyramids, but here is a whole handful. I wish I could show you. Anyway, we need to somehow pay for… this. This handful of egyptian pyramid. Man this is unethical. We either need to pay for it somehow, or I need to find a place to sell it. Where do you sell pieces of world wonders? There’s gotta be a place, right? Anyway, if we can make it to $2,000 on this Kickstarter campaign, then we’ll be back in the clear and I can just put this pyramid fragment away and try not to think about what went into acquiring it. To sweeten the pot, I’m told that we can start offering these Evilie bags. It’s like a goodie bag, but you know how they feel about that word. Anyway, it’s got these four Kakos Industries pins based on the designs for some of the shirts. There’s also a neat sticker in the shape of the Kakos Industries logo. If we can hit that $2,000 dollar value, we can start offering these as an add on and included in certain pledges. They’re really cool. Please help us out. KakosIndustries.com/Kickstarter

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