CS36 – PodCon, #FanFucktion, and Store

We’re going to be at Podcon! More details here!

Give us the #FanFucktion, dammit.

$7 flat rate shipping available in the US over at store.kakosindustries.com


Hello, Kakos Industries shareholders! My name is Conrad Miszuk, and if you believe the cover story, then I hide myself away in a cave in the mountaintops and return to society with Kakos Industries once monthly.


I’m going to be at Podcon. It’s a podcasting convention in Seattle on the 9th and 10th of December. A bunch of us audio drama types are going to be there having a meet up Saturday the 9th at 4:30PM. The meet up is going to be at the convention center. Keep an eye on Kakos Industries social media for updates. On facebook, I just shared a facebook event made by one of the other creators. So, if you’re going to be at Podcon and you’d like to meet me and a bunch of other incredibly talented audio dramatists, then come hang out!


Now there’s the matter of #FanFucktion. I want to read your #FanFucktion. I owe you #FanFucktion. But I don’t have enough to read. Please head to KakosIndustries.com/fanfucktion to read the rules and submit.


And the holidays are rapidly approaching. I am not remotely a good enough capitalist to have done anything special for Black Friday, but I have recently changed the way shipping works at store.kakosindustries.com. Now, if you’re in the US, there is a $7 flat rate shipping option. So if you’re stocking up on gifts, it should make things a little bit easier. And don’t forget that all of the items from the Kickstarter are now available for sale. A portion of your purchases goes directly to supporting the creation of this show, so you can feel good buying evil.


Thank you as always for being the best listeners.

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