Cover Story 16

Check out our YouTube Channel to see the #FanFucktion winners!


Hello, Kakos Industries Shareholders! My name is Conrad Miszuk, and if you believe the cover story, then I am the creator of Kakos Industries.

We made our #FanFucktion goal! If you head over to our youtube channel, Youtube.com/kakosindustries, you can find the first three installments of this project along with all of our other youtube videos. We had a lot of fun putting these videos together, so we’ve decided to keep this going on a rolling basis. Whenever we reach a new goal on Patreon, we will release more videos, assuming we have enough of your work to publish. The first goal is 400 dollars again. Yes, we backslid slightly from last month, which is no one’s fault. There are more expensive reward levels that we do not expect our patrons to stay at forever. So we have another video ready to go if we can cross that threshold. It’s a good video. I might be biased. If you haven’t taken a look at our Patreon, head over to KakosIndustries.com/Patreon. We have special leaked documents that you can’t get anywhere else, expanded and remixed music tracks, and opportunities to be a part of the show.

Thank you again for being the best fans anyone could ask for. Now back to your regularly scheduled announcements.

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