Cover Story 0


True Shareholders listen to the cover stories.


Hello, new Kakos Industries Shareholders. My name is Conrad Miszuk, and if you believe the cover story, then I am the creator of Kakos Industries. If you don’t believe the cover story, then you are surprisingly resistant to mind control. We’ll have to make a note and bring you in for further study.


This is a Cover Story. This is where I put any news relating to live shows, merchandising, meet ups, and anything else that would be out of place in the episodes themselves. I don’t really like cluttering up the beginnings of the episodes, so I make these announcements separate and skippable. But true shareholders listen to them.


The cover stories never have spoilers in them, so feel free to listen to them as soon as they come out even if you’re behind. That way, you’ll know about any meetups or other events that might be happening near you or on the Internet, or new or limited time merchandising events.


Also, and more importantly, I would like to tell you about the Kakos Industries Patreon. If you would like to help us make this show, then please head to kakosindustries.com/patreon to support us today. That’s k-a-k-o-s-i-n-d-u-s-t-r-i-e-s dot com slash p-a-t-r-e-o-n. You’ll have to get nearly fifty episodes into the show before you hear about it again. On the Patreon, you can become a Division head in the credits of new episodes, you can access leaked documents telling you short extra stories from around Kakos Industries, and also access the background music, all while helping to spread Evil.


We put our hearts and souls, sometimes literally, into this project. If you are enjoying it, or find yourself enjoying it over the next couple episodes, please consider becoming a patron and dropping us a dollar or more a month. KakosIndustries.com/Patreon


You are the greatest listeners out there. I am thankful to have you, and I hope you continue to enjoy Kakos Industries.

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