Cover Story 23 – Guest Mike Rugnetta

Today’s episode features Mike Rugnetta of PBS Idea Channel and the Reasonably Sound Podcast! Find him on Twitter @MikeRugnetta.

Also, don’t forget about our survey!


Hello, Kakos Industries Shareholders! My name is Conrad Miszuk, and if you believe the cover story, then I am the creator of Kakos Industries.

We have a special treat for you today! Especially if you’re a fan of PBS Idea Channel on YouTube or the Reasonably Sound Podcast. The host of both of those programs, Mike Rugnetta, makes an appearance in today’s episode. We are honored to have him on the program and I think you’re really going to enjoy what we’ve put together.

We are going to keep our survey open for a little while longer. If you haven’t taken the opportunity to share your voice with us yet, I would encourage you to do so. Head to kakosindustries.com/survey to participate. We want to know more about you so that we can better serve you with all of that savory Evil you deserve. Also, we’ll be drawing a name at random to work into an episode somehow, so be sure to provide us with a working email. We won’t associate it with your answers.

Also, please go to our patreon. Kakosindustries.com/patreon.

Thank you again for listening. Now back to your regularly scheduled announcements.

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