Corporate Announcements

7 - Cute

In which an adorable animal is delivered, a letter from Corin Deeth I is read, the Adult Entertainment Branch is disbanded, a client has a great idea for a new cable news station, a board game that will ruin your friendships is developed, the shareholder express their concern about Denny, and "Florencia" wins the ruin-a-life drawing.


6 - Echoes

In which the Agriculture Festival is recapped, we prepare to remember the underwater colony Kakolantis, the adult entertainment branch experiments with pulse patterns, a Sad Burrito is developed, the Division of Desperation is introduced, and Jan Stan wins the Ruin a Life drawing.


5 - The Darkest Universe

In which the truth about the Darkest Universe Festival is revealed, there is some bad news from the Adult Entertainment Branch, some workers escape from Hell, the relationship with The Brotherhood of the Salmon Flagellations progresses, The Division of Excess releases a new product, and Jenny Wilkinson wins the Ruin a Life Contest.


4 - Jerry

In which the Big Black Hole Celebration is recapped, the Kakos University School of Social Justice is announced, the Canadian branch checks in, a new smell is developed, and an experiment is carried out live on the air.


3 - Synthetic Evil

In which the Fire Celebration is recapped, the division of labor has exciting news, the department of Funk Pharmaceuticals has developed a solution to the biggest headaches, animal testing is resumed, and Marilyn Cooper wins the Ruin a Life Contest.


2 - Go to Hell

In which Corin recaps the Shareholder's Ball, the Thank Evil campaign is launched, preparations are made for the sex tape, we get news from Hell, and Myrtle de las Rosas wins the Ruin a Life contest.


1 - Corin Deeth III

In which a new CEO is introduced, preparations for the annual shareholders' ball are made, the Adult Entertainment Branch has exciting news, and the Division of Philosophical Sabotage has achieved something they've been after for years.


0 - Trailer

The Kakos Industries Series Trailer.



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