24 - Drive

in which the annual Shareholder Pledge Drive is held, the Festival of Darkness is recapped, preparations are made for the Pie Festival, we hear from the Division of Black and Blues, the Division of Talking to Yourself, the Division of Goats, the Division of ASMR, the Echo Tree Forest, the Division of Dionysia, TINFOIL, Hell, the Division of Secrets, and the Division of Insurmountable Fear, and Harold Fleek "wins" the Ruin-A-Life Drawing.


23 - Please Disregard

in which the Celebration of Spiders in Your Hair is recapped, preparations are made for the Festival of Darkness, we hear from Corin Deeth I via letter, the Sexual Innovation Division has exciting news, and Tanya Katic "wins" the ruin a life drawing.



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