Cover Story 27 - Kickstarter and Comicon

Keep an eye out for a new merchandising Kickstarter early in May. Also, come see us at Phoenix Comicon!


71 - Hunt

in which you are presented with a mystery, Helena searches for a new occupation, the Celebration of Affirmation is recapped, preparations are made for the Darkest Universe and the Festival of Steam, the helots get a tummy ache, Jasmine Aashna develops a new horror, the Tabithas get all over Corin, and Dr. P Gasmo "wins" the Ruin-A-Life Drawing. Do Evil Better.


Cover Story 26 - Become a Division Head

New pledge levels at out Patreon ( allow you to become a division head in the credits, complete with update on what your division is working on.

Also, we're getting close to another #fanfucktion video. Head to the Fanfucktion Page for details.


70 - Metamorphoses

in which you learn about all of the companies not helping their clients to Do Evil Better, you get reprimanded for your terrible behavior at the Pie Festival, you remember being covered in the blood of South American mammals, something happens to Kakos Industries Rules and Regulations Volume 11, you might turn to goo, Hell introduces a new diet fad, you might find yourself buying a whole lot of fireworks, and The Malaclypse “wins” the Ruin-A-Life Drawing. Do Evil Better.


69 - More

in which everyone wants more, Soundman stands at 6 o’clock, preparations are made for the pie festival and the MOTHERFUCKING SHAREHOLDERS’ BALL, you order a nice comfy place to live out the apocalypse, and Dazzle Shmizzle “wins” the Ruin-A-Life Drawing.


68 - Memento Mori

in which we all take a moment to remember our mortality, we hear from several grieving parties, Yule is recapped, we learn something valuable, and Gulli Gulch Ravine “wins” the Ruin-A-Life Drawing. Do Evil Better.


Cover Story 25 - Monthly Schedule

We're moving to a monthly schedule. Please remember to fill in our survey and visit our Patreon.


67 - Sample

in which we are introduced to the Evil Measure, the Festival of Cold is recapped, plans are made for Yule, you get a headache, and something terrible happens. TW: Physical Violence.



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